Friday, June 13, 2008

Women In Islam

"Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang"

Status of women in Islam is yet another misunderstood subject outside the Islamic world. Women, before Islam and nowadays, were are still are subject to torture and humiliation. In ancient societies they were abaseds and degraded.

In India a Hindu woman according to her religion must kill herself on the burning pyre of her dead husband.

In China a woman is by law only allowed to have 1 child.

In Arabia before Islam came along girls were buried alive.

Today, while we talk about cultural advancements in many countries, women still have neither the right to property nor vote. But to our surprise, we notice that these rights were granted to her fourteen hundred years ago.
Before Islam Women had no right of inheritance which. God, via Islam gave them that right. She acquired the right of inheritance in the property of her parents and some other relatives.

The prophet Muhammad was beyond doubt the benefactor of women. A great part of his teachings are about the rights of women. Stressing upon their rights he warned people to be alert and judicious about their rights.

Here are some of his teachings:

-One who beats his wife is not a good morals.

-The best among you are those who behave with their wives in the best way.

-God commands you to treat women in the best way because they are your mothers, sisters and daughters.

-Paradise is under the feet of your mother.

-No Muslim should hate his wife. One of her habits may be displeasing but he may be pleased to find many other fine habits in her.

-Never treat your wives as slaves.

-Eat with your wife and provide clothes to her.

-Never hurt her feelings. Never desert her. Never cause pain to her heart.

-Wives have all the rights equal to their husbands.

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I could agree more.
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